UAH´s Guadalajara Campus will host the Antonio Molero Museum

Lunes, 22 febrero 2021

Universidad de Alcalá and Margarita Cantarero, widow of the UAH Professor of the History of Education, Antonio Molero. She has signed yesterday the agreement for the donation of the collection of pieces related to the field of education that both were collecting.

Antonio Molero passed away in 2017 and since the 80s was linked to the UAH, in particular with the Area of Theory and History of Education. He conducted all his teaching and disseminating activity to the historical-educational field and wrote numerous books related to education. Along with his wife, he created a pedagogical museum on the History of the Spanish Education, a legacy that will bring to life this new museum that will be located in the historic Church of Los Remedios, next to the Faculty of Education of Universidad de Alcalá at its Guadalajara Campus.

The collection will be formed by didactic material objects of the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, mostly Spanish together with some international objects, and by the bibliographic collection, mainly formed by books and magazines on pedagogy, school works, textbooks and magazines. The UAH professors responsible for the project, Mar del Pozo, Amelia Calonge, Nieves Hernández and Concepción Carrasco, have invested more than two years in carrying out the inventory.


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