UAH is again ranked as one of the most environmentally committed universities in the GreenMetric Ranking

Lunes, 01 febrero 2021

The GreenMetric ranking, the only one in the world that values the environmental policies of the Universities, considers the University of Alcalá the second most sustainable in Spain and occupies the 24th position in the world of the 912 universities that have participated.

This international ranking aims to assess the sustainability measures that universities around the world have in place to combat climate change by measuring the effort that institutions make in their environments and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste recycling, water saving and green transport and environmental education.

Despite the fact that every year the internal and external competition is increasing. Since this year, 132 more universities have participated compared to the previous year. UAH has again found that it´s a model to follow in environmental sustainability among universities in Spain, only surpassed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In addition, it stands out nationally in other indicators, since the UAH has been in second position thanks to its environmental policy of transport and is the third both in energy savings and climate change as in water saving.

Universidad de Alcalá is also ranked fifteenth in the world in the GreenMetric ranking parameter related to energy and climate change, and occupies 47th place in environmental education thanks to its values committed to sustainability as a future value.

The UAH participates permanently in actions aimed at seeking solutions to environmental conflicts and has a Sustainability Department, an Environmental Area within General Services that is responsible for energy efficiency and the Ecocampus Office, which is part of the Sustainable Mobility Project. Among its initiatives are the bicycle rental service in the external campus and, from this year and in collaboration with the City Council, have also been made available to any user who registers, bicycles and electric scooters distributed throughout the city.

'Actívate+, Reactívate+' is another initiative developed last year that, under the slogan 'the UAH with Agenda 2030', suggested possible improvements in daily habits to reduce our environmental impact and align our behavior with the objectives of sustainable development. Also during the last academic year, and in collaboration with the Volunteer Office, the 'Global Challenge' Project was held, to increase the environmental awareness of university students. Nor should we forget that the Cátedra de Ética Ambiental Fundación Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno-Universidad de Alcalá (Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno-University of Alcalá Foundation Chair of Environmental Ethics) has set up the Carbon Footprint Observatory, to make us aware of our responsibility and improve our habits, since more than 70% of the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) that cause global warming are due to transport, food and the air conditioning of the home.


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