SOTICOL develops DroneStorm, a new technology for managing mixed swarms

SOTICOL Robotics Systems is a technology-based spin-off company of the University of Alcalá, which markets cutting-edge products and services in the areas of optimal autonomous navigation, land/air robotics and IoT.

This UAH spin-off was created in 2014 to commercially apply the research results achieved for more than twenty years in the Space Research Group (SRG-UAH). Its target market focuses on the aeronautical sector, Energy, Defense and Security, including drones.

Currently, the flight of swarming drones is an innovative technology that provides autonomous and efficient solutions to various problems. At the same time, it raises new strategic, operational and legal issues in different sectors, such as defense, security, energy, show or event management, etc.

Swarming behavior is very often observed in nature, such as when a school of fish or a flock of birds quickly change direction in unison, in what seems to be a strictly choreographed series of maneuvers. Swarming systems typically consist of individual agents (such as ants, birds, cells or drones) interacting with each other and their environment. The agents follow simple rules, but the collective interactions among the agents can lead to quite complicated and sophisticated collective behaviors, including emergent intelligence. For example, a swarm may remain in formation while changing direction several times.

The product DroneStorm, as it is denominated the technological solution for flight in swarm developed by SOTICOL, exhibits an emergent intelligence that follows simple rules to guide the behavior of individual form. Thus, when this happens, complex and unified behaviors can emerge. But for this to happen, the technological base that supports the swarming must be homogeneous and based on technological solutions of autonomous and intelligent learning with capacity of communication, as it is the case of the technology CACM-RL developed by SOTICOL Robotics Systems and the one that integrates the autopilots that govern the swarming of the drones.

Based on the above, the fact that we are the first Spanish company to develop a commercial product for the deployment of drone swarms, such as DroneStorm, gives this spin-off from the University of Alcalá a competitive advantage within its sectors of operation and places it among the first companies in the world to have its own solution.


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