The UAH is the most attractive Spanish university for international students

Domingo, 01 enero 2017

The UAH is among the 200 universities with the greatest capacity for attracting international students in relation to their size, and is the leader in Spain in this field, according to the QS Ranking.

Despite the entry in the ranking by new universities (more than 3,500 participated this year, compared to 2,000 in the previous year), the UAH has improved on the results it obtained in 2013, when it ranked as the second-placed Spanish public university in terms of its capacity to attract foreign students.

Internationalisation is one of the strategic priorities of the UAH, which has been reinforced in recent years thanks to measures such as the preferred partners programme and partnerships with some of the world's best universities. The results recently obtained in other studies are also proof of the efforts made by the UAH in this area. These studies include the Shanghai GRUP Survey, which placed it in first position in Spain in terms of its capacity to attract foreign students for degree courses and in second position in absolute terms, and the international portal Study Portals, which highlighted the UAH for the satisfaction shown by international students during their experience at the university.

In this edition of the QS Ranking, the UAH has also ranked among the 650 best universities in the world, and has improved its overall position every year during the four years it has participated in the study.

Together with Shanghai Survey and the Times Survey, the QS Ranking is one of the most prestigious university rankings worldwide. Its evaluations are obtained based on several parameters (related to teaching and research, including academic reputation and the institution's reputation according to employers (obtained through more than 121,000 responses given by academics and employers); the ratio between teaching staff and students; research productivity; the number of international students and the number of foreign teachers working at the institution, among other variables.


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