Monica Martínez Martínez, PhD and Professor of the School of Architecture of the UAH, has been the winner in the category 'best communication initiative in audiovisual format (video)' in the Awards of promotion and scientific dissemination of Universidad de Alcalá.

Xisca Sureda Llul, is a professor and researcher at the Public Health and Epidemiology Group of Universidad de Alcalá who tells us how the crisis caused by COVID-19 has influenced the consumption of this type of beverages.

The Humor factory begins the new year by releasing ‘Humor valenciano’, an exhibition in which 17 graphic humorists from the Valencian Community present some of their most outstanding works and their different points of view on various topics: current affairs, politics, environment, etc.

A group of students from the UAH's Degree in Modern Languages and Translation, in particular from the subject of General German-Spanish Translation taught by Professor Ingrid Cáceres Würsig, presented this winning proposal to the call for 'Palabro del año' (swearword of the year) organized by the magazine Punto y Coma, Bulletin of the Spanish Translators of the Institutions of the European Union.

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