Last Thursday, February 19, this event was presented live through the website of the Quevedo Institute of Humor (IQH) and its YouTube Channel. Raquel Gu, author of the exhibition, together with illustrator José Luis Martín (JLMartín) and Juan García Cerrada, Executive Secretary of the IQH, who moderated the event, participated in the meeting.

Universidad de Alcalá and Margarita Cantarero, widow of the UAH Professor of the History of Education, Antonio Molero. She has signed yesterday the agreement for the donation of the collection of pieces related to the field of education that both were collecting.

Jorge Magaz Molina, PhD student at the Architecture Program of the University of Alcalá and member of the Research Group of the UAH 'Architecture, History, City and Landscape', explains in uah.esnoticia the result of the study on the heritage value of the railway complex of Ponferrada (León) that HispaniaNostra has recently included in its Red List of endangered heritage.

Alejandro Reyes Martin, associate professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UAH, comments in uah.esnoticia the history of the anti-vaccine movement and explains the importance of a vaccine as a remedy to COVID-19.

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