Manuel Peinado Lorca, Professor in the Department of Life Sciences and Researcher at the Franklin Institute of North American Studies at Universidad de Alcalá, has won the first prize for his extensive work of scientific dissemination through the media and has contributed to the improvement of the image of the UAH.

Luis Fernández Sanz  is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at Universidad de Alcalá and principal researcher of the Skills Match project, a system that helps to assess individual soft skills, i.e. individual characteristics such as leadership or teamwork that are so important both to study and learn in community as to work.

The Water Economy Forum has been recognized with the XV Prize Universidad de Alcalá for the transfer of knowledge University Society in the category of Humanities and social and legal sciences.

The project for the study of beliefs and attitudes toward Spanish varieties in the 21st century, PRECAVES XXI, is an international research work that aims to make known the beliefs and attitudes of Spanish speakers towards various dialects of Spanish.

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