Luis Cereijo Tejedor, UAH researcher in the Public Health and Epidemiology Group and professor of the degree of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, gives the keys in the process of reactivation of sports competitions after the confinement produced by the pandemic of coronavirus.

Salvador Rebollo de la Torre is a full professor of Ecology in the Department of Life Sciences. In this interview he talks about the causes and consequences of climate change in birds. As an introduction Rebollo begins by stating that 'Human activity has always led to changes in the functioning of ecosystems (...) these changes, known as Global Change, have taken on a global scale over the past few decades affecting the entire planet'.

In order to help students who have difficulty following online teaching, Universidad de Alcalá, thanks to the donation of the General University Foundation (FGUA), has acquired 200 laptops. These computers will be borrowed to students who request it until the end of the course.

The High Performance Research Group ‘Physiotherapy in Women's Health Processes’(FPSM group) belongs to the Nursing and Physiotherapy Teaching Unit of Universidad de Alcalá. It works to improve the quality of life of women, enhancing their functionality and their physical and emotional well-being.

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