Soledad Andrés, Luana Bruno and Zoraida de la Osa have developed workshops for High Schools to identify, to prevent and to minimize episodes of gender violence in affective-sexual relationships among teenagers. 

The Center for Research Support in Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology (CQAB) of the Universidad de Alcalá is working with the biopharmaceutical company PharmaMar in a trial with the molecule Plitidepsin, which is showing great preclinical evidence of efficiency against the coronavirus.

The Center of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology (CQAB)

NASA's Perseverance rover landed last night on Martian soil, in the Jezero crater, after six months of travel. Launched last July from Cape Canaveral (Florida), the MARS 2020 mission will search Mars for evidence of past microbial life.

SOTICOL Robotics Systems is a technology-based spin-off company of the University of Alcalá, which markets cutting-edge products and services in the areas of optimal autonomous navigation, land/air robotics and IoT.

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