Salvador Rebollo de la Torre is a full professor of Ecology in the Department of Life Sciences. In this interview he talks about the causes and consequences of climate change in birds. As an introduction Rebollo begins by stating that 'Human activity has always led to changes in the functioning of ecosystems (...) these changes, known as Global Change, have taken on a global scale over the past few decades affecting the entire planet'.

A few weeks ago, Universidad de Alcalá Archive launched an initiative to create an audiovisual fund for confinement. Alicia Lopez, UAH archive worker, has selected some of the best images with the aim of involving teachers,students, researchers and administrative staff  in the activity.

Universidad de Alcalá appreciates its contribution to the nearly 100 donors, including companies and individuals, who have supported research against COVID.

Eduardo Cilleruelo, Alejandro Carrasco Hidalgo and Angela Molina Calzada, UAH Alumni School of Architecture, have received this recognition from the city of Mariupol, Ukraine. 

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